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Proper Japanese Title: Title to Chara Design (タイトルとキャラデザ)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 89: Title and Character Design (タイトルとキャラデザ Taitoru to Kyaradeza)
  • Chapter 90: Art and Product (芸術と商品 Geijutsu to Shōhin)
  • Chapter 91: Votes and Charts (票と表 Hyō to Hyō)
  • Chapter 92: Disposition and Decision (意地と決断 Iji to Ketsudan)
  • Chapter 93: Center and Strongest (中央と最強 Chūō to Saikyō)
  • Chapter 94: Tea and Chiaroscuro (お茶と明暗 Ocha to Meian)
  • Chapter 95: Every Night and Partnership (毎晩と合体 Maiban to Gattai)
  • Chapter 96: 4th Place Votes and Series (4位票とシリーズ Yon'i-hyō to Shirīzu)
  • Chapter 97: Last and Password (ラストと暗号 Rasuto to Angō)

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