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Proper Japanese Title: Hyōgenryoku to Sōzōryoku (表現力と想像力)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 80: Appearance and Greetings (見ためと挨拶 Mitame to Aisatsu)
  • Chapter 81: Adventure and Advance (冒険と口説き Bōken to Kudoki)
  • Chapter 82: Hint and Best (ヒントとベスト Hinto to Besuto)
  • Chapter 83: Spy and Next Work (スパイと次回 Supai to Jikai)
  • Chapter 84: One-Piece and Surprise (ワンピースとサプライズ Wanpīsu to Sapuraizu)
  • Chapter 85: The Perfect Crime and First Hurdle (完全犯罪と第一関門 Kanzen Hanzai to Daiichi Kanmon)
  • Chapter 86: Winning and Losing (勝ちと負け Kachi to Make)
  • Chapter 87: Cake and Formidable Enemies (ケーキと強敵 Kēki to Kyōteki)
  • Chapter 88: Imagination and Presentation (表現力と想像力 Hyōgenryoku to Sōzōryoku)

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