Baki Hanma

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    Baki Hanma is a 17-year old master martial artist that spends his life fighting to become the world's greatest fighter. However, his father, Yujiro, holds that title, and Baki vows to take it from him. At the same time, he fights the world's best fighters, getting closer to his goal.

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    Baki was Born in japan, in a rich family, and raised by a single mother,Yurika Hino. she has provided him throughout his life with the best Martial art teachers, personal gym trainers, and sport equipment that money can buy.

    Baki at one point realises that non of what his mother is supplying him is enough, and destroys his home gym. this is due the fact that he lost a fight against 100 guys in an alley, thinking that his father would have done a better job. he later goes on a journey to find better ways to advance his fighting skill.

    Baki goes to the mountins where he meats an old friend who used to baby-sit him as a young kid. his primary objective was to fight and win against the Yasha ape, like his father, in an urban legend.

    Powers And Abilities

    Metahuman Attributes:
    Baki has trained his body to surpass human limitations in strength, speed, agility and durability. Baki is at least 4x stronger than an "average" athlete; he can traverse distances of several yards in less than a second, and his capable of shrugging off damage that would incapacitate a normal human

    Endorphins Secretion: Baki has the ability to release more endorphins in his body by twisting his right ear, he first felt that experience when he threw himself off a cliff.

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    Demon Back: a pesrson with the Hanma family blood flowing through his veins, earns at some point, a demon face figure shaped on his back from great fighting experiences. when ever he flexes his latimus dorsi muscle, he reaches combat capabilities unattainable to him before.

    Shadow Boxing Figuration: Shadow boxing is a basic way to train in boxing by punching and dodging imaginary opponents, but when bakin does it, he actually forms a real opponent that can be seen by other people, but he is the only one that can touch/be touched by him, this is proven after observing the scars, bruises, and blood on his body after a shadow boxing session.


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