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    The true identity of Badd Axe is unknown but he would come into conflict with Spider Man and Nova when he partners up with Fire-Arms and Vampiro. The three baddies attract the attention of Spider-Man when they begin to burn down several condos in New York. Richard Rider is informed that one of those condos being burned down is the home of his mother. Nova arrives on the scene and helps Spider-Man battle Badd Axe and the rest of his crew. Nova is distracted when Spider-Man saves his mother who was trapped in the building and gets slashed by Badd Axe. However, Nova recovers and his suit begins to seal itself. His partner, Fire-Arms is taken down by Spider-Man so Badd Axe takes Rider's mother as a hostage. Spider-Man manages to rip her away from Axe's clutches and Nova grabs the two baddies and goes airborne. Badd Axe takes a swing at Nova and Richard is forced to drop him. Vampiro is punched out by Nova and taken to the cops. Badd Axe and Fire-Arms manage to escape from the two heroes and the authorities.  


    Badd Axe was created by Erik Larsen and Koi Turnbull in 1999 and first appeared in Nova The Human Rocket # 5.

    Story Arcs

    Badd Axe and Fire-Arms would join the Initiative and are selected to join the Shadow Initiative. The Hood orders the Taskmaster to bring in a bunch of D-list villains, ex-cons and other Initiative members they feel are expendable into the Shadow Initiative. This group was the first wave of Initiative members to assault a prison in the Negative Zone called 42 that was taken over by Blastaar and his army. This group acted as cannon fodder to soften up Blastaar's forces before sending in the big boys to clean up. Badd Axe survived the assault but his partner Fire-Arms was killed during the battle. Badd Axe and a number of other Initiative members are ordered to take down Prodigy and the Heavy Hitters after they stated on television that they were seceding from the Initiative. Badd Axe would fight Rage from the Avengers Resistance when they try to infiltrate Camp Hammond to retrieve Night Thrasher. The Hood would use the Norn Stones to upgrade the powers of his crew during the fight with the Resistance. However, the Resistance gets some help from Penance, Batwing, Bengal and Butterball. The Hood would receive a distress signal and is forced to leave with his Brooklyn crew. Badd Axe and some other super powered felons are left behind to fend for themselves. The tables have turned in favor of the Resistance and Badd Axe is taken down by Butterball and Tigra.

    Powers & Abilities

    Badd Axe has a degree of superhuman strength and carries a large battle-axe as his weapon of choice. Badd Axe is highly skilled with his axe and can use it as an offensive and defensive weapon. The metal composition of his axe is unknown but it is powerful enough to crack Telemetry's psionic shields and could deflect fireblast from Scorcher.

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