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    Badb is a ten-year-old Irish girl who can instill hatred and fear into others. She is also an international terrorist.

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    Born and raised in Northern Ireland, Badb was orphaned as a result of the Troubles. Twisted by her experiences and the nature of her powers, she joined forces with the international terrorist organisation known as the Jihad.


    Badb was created by John Ostrander and Luke McDonnell. She made her first appearance in Suicide Squad #17.

    Major Story Arcs

    Battleground Manhattan

    Working with the Jihad, Badb uses her powers to cause chaos in Manhattan. She manages to induce dozens of people to attack and kill one another, and easily incapacitates Vixen. She is confronted and defeated by Nightshade.


    Somehow escaping and returning to the Jihad sometime later, she joins the group in attempting to rescue President Marlo of Qurac from the Americans. She takes part in the attack on the island prison, defeating some of the guards herself. She is the first to realise that Marlo is being impersonated by Nemesis, and is rendered unconscious and captured by him. She and her comrades are freed by the traitor George McClellan, and she joins in the fight between the Suicide Squad, the Hayoth, and the Jihad. She personally fights and defeats Ramban, and is herself defeated by Superman.

    Powers and Abilities

    Badb possesses powerful telepathy, and is able to mentally dominate others by manipulating their emotions and fears. She can read the minds of others to project fearful or hateful imagery into their minds, and force them to harm themselves or others. She is remarkably vicious, and uses her youth to lull those around her into a false sense of security.


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