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Though his full history is unknown, Alden Quench performed a ritual to see the source of creation. The ritual showed him the World Forge, and also imbued him with the Fires of Destruction: a portion of the Forge's power that "uncreates" matter and returns it to its source. However, an unintended side effect came when he began experiencing a call sent out by Mandrakk the Dark Monitor, who wanted his power to help him escape the Dark Multiverse. Unable to tolerate Mandrakk's call in his head every waking moment, he began a campaign to reach Mandrakk's prison by destroying realities and sinking the remains into the Dark. Not only does it fail, but it attracts enemies like the Judge of All Evil. Over time, he continually battles with his arch-rival, Neon the Unknown. Having been empowered by the same ritual as him, Neon takes it upon himself to lead his entourage to intervene whenever Alden turns up on Earth-0.

Versus The Unexpected

After years of countless failures, Bad Samaritan makes a deal with someone who can transport him Mandrakk: Onimar Synn. In exchange for his aid, Synn demands a source of Nth Metal to feed on: the Conflict Engine. Eventually, he tracks down Firebrand, who had the Engine embedded into her heart and needs it to stay alive. Locating her at the hospital that she's hiding in, he overpowers her and tries to rip the Engine out, but is interrupted by the arrival of the Unexpected. Despite the numbers disadvantage, Quench manages to gain the upper hand, stealing Viking Judge's ax and using it to cut Neon and Ascendant down. Seeing Neon's body, warped by the power of the Fires of Creation, he decides to try a new approach to reach Mandrakk. He throws some of Neon's body matter onto Firebrand, the strikes her chest with Viking Judge's ax, sparking the Conflict Engine. The combination of Neon and Quench's opposite powers, the magic of the ax, and the heat of the Engine, causes a detonation that kills most of the Unexpected, but also vaporizes Quench himself. The melding of powers also creates an Nth Metal isotope more powerful than any other seen to date.

Later, Quench's remains are found on the Canadian mountainside by a hiker. After killing the hiker, Alden manages to reconstitute his body, returning to life. Thanks to the the Nth Metal isotope detonations, Alden manages to lock onto Mandrakk's location and open a portal to the border between the Bleed and the Dark Multiverse. He arrives to see a melee between his mysterious master and his arch-rival's team. After absorbing the Nth Metal isotope, now stable, he leaps into the fray, focusing on Neon, but Mandrakk takes his rival down before he can. Alden demands that Mandrakk silence his call, but his master declares him useless now that he is strong enough to escape on his own. Enraged, Quench turns on him, laying into him with no regard for restraint, threatening to destroy both Multiverses. However, he is still no match for Mandrakk and is killed by his master.

Alden's soul is sent to the World Forge to be consumed, but Neon comes to rescue him, having sacrificed himself to Mandrakk, tries to rescue him. Though he initially rejects Neon's help, he is convinced to accept a second chance, and the two return to life as allies against Mandrakk. However, even as a team, they are still no match for him, but with the help of Hawkman and Firebrand, they manage to stall while Neon alter's Mandrakk's physiology. Now a dark matter vampire, he is forced to stay in the Dark Multiverse to feed. Having achieved his revenge and free from Mandrakk's call, he repays Neon for the save by returning them to Earth-0. He then leaves to take advantage of his second chance, swearing off using his powers for the time being.


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