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    Independent comics publisher who's producing limited print comics that are directly distributed to retailers.

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    Bad Idea is an independent comic books publisher that was founded by Dinesh Shamdasani, Warren Simons, and Hunter Gorinson in late 2019. All three had previously worked together at Valiant Entertainment from 2011 to 2017.

    The company started publishing monthly comics in March, 2021, with ENIAC, a four-issue mini-series written by Matt Kindt and illustrated by Doug Braithwaite with covers from Lewis LaRosa. Their first ever publication was the promotional The Hero Trade #1 distributed in September 2020.

    Bad Idea's publishing strategy is to produce only 2 different comic books per month, print copies only, with no plans to collect the single issues later on. The only way to purchase Bad Idea books is through the partner stores, some of which would offer mail orders. All books would feature the main story and a backup short story.

    First Wave:

    Regular Comics:

    Promotional Comics:

    Second Wave (aka The Final Five):

    In mid-June, Bad Idea announced that their haters were right predicting Bad Idea would not be a successful idea and one that would not last long. Therefore they would soon announce their final wave before the company would discontinue publishing comics by end of 2021.

    Interested readers could blindly pre-order all titles on Wednesday, June 16, 2021, by telling their Bad Idea partner store to go "all-in" for them, thus pre-ordering all 15 issues, before Bad Idea announced the actual titles of the books a day later. The fastest ten to go "all-in" at their store would receive a redemption sticker for some sort of surprise to be revealed later.

    During the Second Wave, Bad Idea would also publish 3 instead of 2 books per month and a total of 7 books in December.

    Regular Comics:

    • Hero Trade: Passive/Aggressive #1 (August 2021; "a double-dealing, double-barreled one-shot in glorious black and white"; 2 versions exist!)
    • Monster Kill Squad #1-4 (Sept.-Dec. 2021)
    • Pyrate Queen #1-4 (Sept.-Dec. 2021)
    • Refuse x Last Resort #1 (Nov. 6, 2021; "a planet-sized double-shot")
    • Odynn's Eye #1-5 (Dec. 2021; weekly)

    Promotional Comics:

    Note: The following one-shot are made available "exclusively for Bad Idea first customer pin holders:"

    • Werewolf ("belly-bursting one-shot")
    • Retirement Plan ("over-sized; ultra-violent one-shot")

    Both one-shots will be shipped end of Sept. or Oct. 2021.


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