Back to the Future

    Movie » Back to the Future released on July 03, 1985.

    Marty McFly meets his parents in 1955 and almost unmakes himself.

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    "When you put your mind to it, anything's possible"

    *SPOILER WARNING! Please do not read unless you already saw the movie!!!* 
    This movie's one of my all time favorites. It's a combined mesh of sci-fi, romance, comedy and action/adventure, pulled off in the most perfect manner I could possibly fathom. There's no real age restriction on this movie disregarding some brief moments of heavy language and some somewhat suggestive themes (basically most of the scenes with Biff Tannen in them).

    The plot is pretty simple to connect with even with younger children, but it's far off from simplistic or un-creative. The plot basically starts off when Doctor Emmett Brown invites his teenage friend Marty McFly to the parking lot of a mall to show off his latest and greatest invention; a time machine made up from a DeLorean. After Libyan terrorists show up trying to pick a bone with Doc Brown, Marty rides off in the DeLorean and finds up arriving in the 50's after the car hits 88 miles per hour. 
    Most of the main percentage of the movie involves Marty stuck in an unfamiliar era, poorly fitting in with his surroundings with a 80's mindset and trying to convince a younger Doc Brown to help him get back home, which strikes him as a problem since the DeLorean is out of fuel and it needs 1.21 gigawatts of electricity to travel through time. There's tons of fun and interesting moments in these scenes where Marty runs into his teenage parents, his father's life long bully and the story's main antagonist Biff Tannen, and even the future major of Hill Valley, who he probably gave the idea of being Major to.  
    This movie's stuffed with fun little moments that connect all of the tiniest details of the movie together... A lot is going on at the same time when the movie draws close to the end, too. Marty has like four major things at once going on that'll save his family's existence, keep himself from creating time paradoxes, needs to get himself back to the future and avoid Biff and his cronies while doing so. If you pay attention to what's going on here, it's practically impossible to not want to know what's going to happen, even if you've seen the movie before. 
    Another thing I have to point out in this review is the music, Alan Silvestri is the genius behind the instrumental music in the film, and Huey Lewis & The News and various other artists conduct the rest of the soundtrack... More fitting music for this film does not exist. Christopher Lloyd & Michael J. Fox were brilliant actors and totally made this movie rock. Just about anything Doc Brown says could become a million dollar quote. I found absolutely no aspect of this film to be flawed in any way (although I'm a bit biased on things I'm obsessed with) and if by some ungodly circumstances you haven't seen this movie... Collect the whole trilogy and get watching!! The bad guy gets what's coming to him, the unexpected twists only get better as the movie goes along, and everything totally works out in the end... (Especially if you've seen BTTF 2 to know what happens afterwards).


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