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    The Back Alley Brawler is one of the most experienced and reliable Heroes in Paragon city.

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    Back Alley Brawler is a member of the Freedom Phalanx, also known as the surviving eight. He is an extremely experienced hero who currently trains the next generation of heroes from Galaxy City and coordinated their movements to try and maximize their effect on crime. He is most well known for his war on drugs and the family,


    Michael White is the son of a gang enforcer, and so did not have a very happy childhood. He has first hand experience of the criminal element from his upbringing, but he never let it shake him from hi sense of justice, though it did temper his resolve. He did not follow most of his peers into the path of crime: quite the opposite. He joined the Paragon Police to try and make a difference, but after a number of years he felt he was not as effective as he could be. He left the police force and traveled the world and underwent a multitude of training practices to hone his body and skills. How he gained super strength or invulnerability is unknown but when he returned he was a changed man, adopting the name 'Back Alley Brawler' as he became a Hero, a reference to both his down to earth origins and his tough stance on crime. Unlike most heroes he is not flashy or colorful, but instead a skilled and effective hero who wastes no words or time in bringing criminals to justice.

    He was most active as a Hero in the 70's and 80's where he fought on the streets of Paragon City. he eventually retired, but returned in the Rikti war to help fight off the invaders. After the war he returned to the field to help train the next generation of heroes, recognizing that his skills are still needed.


    The Back Alley Brawler is super strong and tough and is also amongst the most practiced hand to hand combatants in the city, having studied many martial arts. Combined with his strength and toughness this makes him a dangerous opponent to face.


    The Back Alley brawler was amongst the first heroes to encounter Superadine, and attempted (unsuccessfully) to stop it being introduced to the city. When he recognized its potential he became driven, attacking the family directly in an attempt to remove them from Paragon and jailing their leader. This unfortunately had them respond by increasing their efforts to put a firm foothold in the city in retaliation.

    Back Alley Brawler was a member of the Regulators back when he was a truly active hero, before the war and the Freedom Phalanx. He and the Regulators along with the Dawn Patrol were indirectly responsible for the creation of Superadine, as when they attacked and burnt many drug factories and farms abroad to halt the production of drugs, chemical engineers rushed to fill the market with a substitute drug and Superadine was the dangerous result.


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