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    Robert Long, who lost his parents and was taken into custody by Dr. Heinrich Megala. He would soon become his bodyguard/servant.

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    Robert Long was raised by his parents Damon and Ashana Long, both highly intelligent scientist. In 1967, at 12 years of age age two men named Heinrich Megala and Anton Sarrok, both scientists and good friends, stopped by and offered the two parents an "one-in-a-million opportunity" which was to go on an adventure to go explore a suspicious space ship that landed from outer space. Both parents agreed that Robert could take care of himself for the next seven days and took up the offer. At this moment Robert was excited to not have parents for a week. They arrived at the space shield, revealed later to be the Silver Shield, they tried multiple ways to get the ship to open. In the process of getting a sample with a X-Ionizer knife, that Dr. Megala created himself, Damon was killed by the Silver Shield. Megala was behind him so did not get killed but saw Damon's skeleton. Upon arriving back to the United States, Dr. Megala and Ashana Long both realized that Project Silver Shield was too much for them they decided to get the government involved. Ashana became emotionally in the project that she was transferred to a top secret facility but was reported missing, later found dead. Dr. Megala then took the responsibility of taking care and raising of Robert despite his disease he received from the Silver Shield.
    Robert would then grow up to be an intelligent man with a great amount of respect and care for Dr. Megala and would soon become his bodyguard/servent as his way of showing his care. During there time together, Robert would adopt the nickname Babylon.
    The Ghost would soon kidnap Babylon and brainwash him, revealing that his mother has been dead when Dr. Megala had only told him his mother went missing all a long which is why he must kill him. Babylon almost succeed in killing him but was able to remember everything and stop himself from killing the man that raised him.


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