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    An experiment conducted by possessed Jericho to create a suitable body for the Lost Souls from Azarath, Baby Wildebeest was adopted by the Teen Titans after Jericho's Death.

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    The Wildebeest Society was formed with the intent to gain vast fortunes through any illegal means necessary. They embraced a belief that there was only one true Wildebeest, one whose menace could not be complicated by either police or superhumans. The Society began as a small organization, but was soon taken over by Jericho, a member of the super-hero group known as the Teen Titans. Jericho, a super human with the ability/power to possess a persons body, was taken over himself by an evil force who wished to inhabit his fellow teammates, the Titans. The altered Wildebeest Society began a series of genetic, chemical-organic experiments designed to create the perfect recipient host body for the evil force to possess.

    The society began genetic alteration experiments on humans and animals. All experiments failed except for one, experiment X-24/ Pantha. Pantha escaped the society, only to later join the Titans to battle the evil Wildebeests.

    The Society also experimented with the creation of living Wildebeest host bodies. Only one baby, a true Wildebeest, survived after the destruction of the Wildebeest society.

    Growing Up

    Baby Wildebeest
    Baby Wildebeest

    Although a baby in terms of intelligence and age, his body was programmed to grow in size and power prematurely in preparation for the possessing evil force. With the evil force destroyed, the "baby" would grow into a twelve foot powerhouse with the intelligence of a child.

    The Titans returned to our world with the newly created Baby Wildebeest. Pantha also elected to remain with the Titans for the time being. The baby bonded with Pantha and looked to her as its mother, much to her dismay. During this time, Pantha developed an attraction to Red Star, a fellow Titan.

    Baby, as he was called, acted like a normal toddler with the features of a miniature Wildebeest, until angered. When angered, he would grow to the size of an adult Wildebeest. Baby was fiercely protective of his friends, particularly Pantha who he came to call "Mama" . Even though she was reluctant to become "mama" baby started to grow on her.

    After reaching a series of dead ends concerning her origins, Pantha elected to leave the Titans. When Red Star learned that the team was going to be funded by the US government he also decided to leave. Having established a "parental" bond, wherever Pantha went, Baby Wildebeest would follow. Pantha, Baby, and Red Star left the Titans together and became a sort of "dysfunctional family".

    Life and Death

    Red Star, Pantha and Baby Wildebeest later settled in Science City, Russia. There, they lived as a fractured family unit while serving the Russian government. They would assist the Titans from time to time when needed.

    The OMAC Project

    For more information see: The OMAC Project

    Baby Wildebeest is one of the hero in Sahara Barrens of South Africa who battles the first wave of O.M.A.C.s.

    Infinite Crisis

    For more information see: Infinite Crisis

    When Superman Prime of Earth Prime came to our world, Pantha and Baby Wildebeest helped in the fight against him. Superman Prime mistakenly decapitated Pantha and slaughtered Baby Wildebeest. Red Star mourned his fallen family after Superman Prime was subdued.

    Baby Wildebeest's death in Infinite Crisis #4

    Blackest Night

    For more information see: Blackest Night

    Black Lantern Wildebeest
    Black Lantern Wildebeest

    Baby Wildebeest has since been imoralized in the Titan Tower's hall of dead Titans, as a statue, labeled Wildebeest. Baby Wildebeest's body is raised by a Black Lantern ring, and he joins Tempest, Tula, Dolphin and Pantha, in their assault on Titan Tower.

    Black Lantern Wildebeest, goes toe to toe with Beast Boy and with the help of Pantha attempts to rip Wonder Girl in half. But then when Dove, demenstrates she has the power to destroy Black Lanterns, Wildebeest joins the others in all out assault on Dove. This leads to Black Lantern Wildebeest being completely destroyed.


    The Wildebeest baby had incredible strength. When provoked it became a twelve foot powerhouse.

    Animated Wildebeest

    Animated Wildebeest
    Animated Wildebeest

    Wildebeest appears in some episodes of the "Teen Titans animated series"

    He appeared as a tall, muscular character with an animal look, which his named inspired.

    He appears in the episodes:

    • Winner takes all
    • Trust
    • Calling All Titans
    • Titans Together

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