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    Character » Baby Killer appears in 8 issues.

    Young kid with the brain of a 60-year old Polish military general.

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    Arrogant and Aggressive, Mikhail Zamoska is a expert militar armed with multiple machine-guns, granate and body armor, with the body of a children.

    While his full story it's still unknown, it's known that he was a high rank in Polish military, a respected and feared General and when he died, the Polish military scientist try and experiment for transfer his the full conscience in to a baby clone of itself.

    "Created" for battle, Mikhail Zamoska, now calling itself The Baby Killer, join the new Euroforce led by the Black Knight.

    While in Italy, under the city of Velletri, he and his team came into contact with some members of the Avengers and fter some clarification, both groups were surrounded by Morgan le Fay and her army of the dead, and fight her.


    Given his life as General of the Polish Army, Mikhail have a great experience in tactics, strategy, military training for hand to hand combat and with various type of weapon. In mission, he usually carrie a large arsenal of weapon, shooting with a pair of machinegun and launching granade all at the same time and he also wear full-combat battle armor.

    While his mental skill are cleary that of an expert militar with high rank, including diplomacy, leadership and others, his physical ability must yet been specified. He have showed both agility and strength far above that of average childs of his age, so may be supposed that his body is not a "normal" clone, but one enanched to some kind of super-soldier level.


    Is not know if the process of "cloning - mind transfer" can be repeat by Polish government. In this case, he may die/resurrect multiple time, just as the LMD do, or Mikhail may even exist in different body. Anyway, at present state, this are only hypothesis.

    Also, he usually refere to itself as THE Baby Killer, and in the same way his name is presented in panel, so perhaps his battle name is "The Baby Killer" and not simply "Baby Killer".


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