Baby Gun

    Character » Baby Gun appears in 3 issues.

    He is a killer and Question’s enemy. Baby Gun uses a little 4.5 mil air gun for his hits, he likes to get up close and in your face when he pulls the trigger.

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    In their first encounter, Vic Sage, as the Question, broke Baby's jaw , in their second Baby Gun put a pellet through the Questions head.  This was done after Vic was beaten by Lady Shiva and then some more by the  Reverend Hatch's thugs, the bullet came out the back of Vic's head.  Vic was then thrown in the river and left to drown. 
     Later Baby Gun is seen shooting a couple of men at their front door while asking for candy or ice cream, he then proceeded to enter their home and clean them out of any they had.  These are seen as unrelated by the police but Vic sees the connection to Baby Gun and Parsons Acres, a suburb of  Hub City.  He was hired by the developer, Pete Carstairs, to eliminate the men who were blackmailing him because they knew Parsons acres was built on polluted ground as they were the ones to dump the pollutants there.  When Baby Gun was done with the contracts he went to see Carstairs to collect his money then kill him.  When he got to Carstairs home, he found the man already dead and a bucket  of ice cream sitting on his table.  Vic, once again as the Question, followed his instincts and made his way to Parsons Acres and Pete Carstairs house to find Baby Gun sitting at the table eating the ice cream.  Baby Gun told Vic why he was there and said he had to kill him, Vic told him he couldn't cause he did already once.  Baby Gun acknowledged this then got sick from the ice cream which Carstairs poisoned with dirt from his yard and fell on his into the ice cream box.  He was last seen being drug out of the house by the Question who admits he will probably not be able to get Baby to an antidote in time.
    It is not known if Baby Gun survived this poisoning at this time.


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