Baby Bucky's Mother

    Character » Baby Bucky's Mother appears in 12 issues.

    A former drug addict and mother to a baby she neglected which was taken from her by Jack Monroe. She later was tortured and trained by Giscard Espurer and set out to get her baby back by any means necessary.

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    A drug-addicted mother, who was abused as a child, found herself in the middle of a confrontation between Nomad and some drug dealers. Amidst battle, her baby, wound up in the hands of Jack Monroe; Nomad.


    Baby Bucky's mother was created by Fabian Nicieza and James Fry III and first appeared in the limited series Nomad Volume 1 issue 3 (1991).

    Major Story Arcs

    Not Fitt Parent

    Jack, seeing the mother as unfit, took the child from her and adopted it as his own, giving it the name "Bucky".

    Strung out on drugs, she never noticed her baby missing until months later Giscard Epurer approached her. Epurer, having met Jack before, wanted to manipulate events so that Jack would be killed. Epurer kidnapped the mother and forced her into solitary to overcome her drug addiction and tortured her.

    Cleaned Up

    When she had cleaned up her act, Epurer trained her in hand-to-hand combat and weapons skills wanting her to kill Nomad in an attempt to retrieve her baby.

    A Mother and a Death

    The mother eventually got her baby back, after severely injuring a shop clerk, and believed she wasn't cut out for being a mother. After she later fought Nomad, who she believed had returned to kidnap her baby, Jack gave her his blessings say she had a right to raise her baby now that she was more stable. The mother let Jack live as he left with tears in his eyes at parting ways with his adopted daughter. She was killed soon after by the Super-Aryan.


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