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    Babe is a alien infant from the planet Egg. The child like behemoth is part of the second team called Atari Force.

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    Babe is a child of an extremely long-lived and physically dense race from the planet Egg.  He was kidnapped to provide slave labor on a trading ship. 
    Babe drew the attention of Morphea, a member of the Atari Force medical team.  In exchange for supporting Martin Champion's efforts to track down the Dark Destroyer Morphea made Champion promise to rescue Babe, making Babe a member of the new Atari Force
    Babe played a pivotal role several times during the group's travels, assisting in a number of fights.  At one point, left confused and alone, Babe became separated from the group and became involved with fighting between two alien groups.  During this experience Babe befriended Taz, assisting her in the destruction of her alien enemies, and directly leading to Taz joining the team. 
    In addition to his relationship with Morphea Babe quickly became close to Hukka, Chris Champion's childhood "pet."  Who frequently  accompanied Babe and provided him with encouragement and support. 
    Babe is a child, with limited understanding of the complexities of what is going on around him.  Babe is largely reactionary, responding to immediate needs and threats and the desires of those around him. 
    Babe is immensely strong, and appears all but indestructible, effortlessly able to lift and throw heavy equipment and shrugging off attacks by heavy military weapons.  
    Morphea's information about Babe's race suggests that they live for hundreds of years, and that they when they mature they become largely immobile living mountains.  This is confirmed when, at one point during his meeting with Taz, Babe mistakes a mountain for his mother.


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