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    Babe is the giant animal companion of tall tale lumberjack Paul Bunyan.

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    Babe is for some reason, often called a girl. Babe and Paul Bunyan were caught and detained by Mr. Revise, and the Page Sisters. A second time they were caught in Jack of Fables #5, eventually Hillary offers to get Paul out of Golden Boughs to help her catch Jack Horner. He does on the condition to take Babe with him, saying "she" tends to lose touch with reality when he's not around. After Paul's shrunk a bit so they can travel, they eventually found him in Americana on search for treasure that Humpty Dumpty had on himself. However, Jack didn't feel like dealing with them and pushed Paul, Hillary, and even Raven off the train. Babe, not really much of a threat stayed with him. They eventually catch up with him again and during their travels, Hillary goes to the Bookburner, who she believed to be her father. However, he angrily states Mr. Revise was her father and that he and his wife, Prose never had children. 
    Howeer, Bookburner must not have known about Robin and Pricilla's paternity to him. He captures Paul during his chase after the others and burns Paul and Babe's book, however while Paul is now under Bookburner's control. Babe appears at first fraggled but remains his personality and indepence from Bookburner's affect. After a series of many chases by the Bookburner's people Slue-Foot-Sue and  Natty Bumppo , they eventually shake them off and end up on the spot where Humpty's hidden treasure lies. However, Jack and Gary land in trouble. Well mostly Jack, for bragging in front of Hillary that he had slept with Robin and Priscilla. Humpty, Raven, and Hillary, all push them down a crack in a temple. As Hillary and Humpty pack their "treasure", they leave Raven and Babe behind. 
    When Jack and Gary both crawl out of the crack, they see the two. Raven merely stayed because his animal spirit threatened to claw out his eyes. Jack merely shrugged it off, being thankful to at least have Babe on their side. Babe reminds by their side until after the Great Fables Crossover, during that time he followed Gary, Snow, Mr. Revise, and Bigby. He eventually grows bored with them, most likely due to Jack's changing appearance. And goes on many different homes to living in a bird's nest among its hatchlings to apparently being adopted by a red-hair girl with pigtails, whom she treats like a pet. 
    A constant running gag is Babe's overactive imagination as he often talks very wild crazy stories about Alonso the Cruel Free Pirate, Jack Candle, and many other outlandish stories. In the Great Fables Crossover, he breaks the fourth wall, when he realizes he's been given more than one page for his rants. Not being use to it and not thinking of a story, he leaves the page.
    Babe is somewhat loyal to Jack, but he is also somewhat delusional in his mind as he likes to talk in his mind about stories he makes up. But eventually Babe is mostly scene from page to page adventuring around, becoming the apparent pet of a little blonde haired girl, one time being apparently adopted by a condor and its hatchlings, and then he was seen at random places talking to the audience. Babe is also one of the very few characters to have survived in the final story arc, The Ultimate Jack of Fables Story. He was last seen on a Polynesian island, apparently being treated like a deity.


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