Character » Baba appears in 3 issues.

    An ex-girlfriend of the Flaming Carrot who has attempted to kill him in previous encounters. She despises him with the majority of her being; however, a small part of her still cares for the Carrot due to the fact that she helped save his life on one occasion.

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    It is unknown how Baba and the Flaming Carrot met but the two were lovers for an unknown amount of time in the past. The fallout from their breakup caused Baba to hate the Flaming Carrot and wish death upon him; however, a small part of her still cares for the Carrot.


    Baba was created by Bob Burden for his series, Flaming Carrot Comics. She served as one of Flaming Carrot's love interests.

    Major Story Arcs

    Just Last Nite Across The City

    The Flaming Carrot winds up visiting a local bar with some of his pals, a bar that Baba is also visiting. While there he winds up meeting a new girl, Crissy, an attractive and outspoken woman whose charms win the Carrot over. Seeing the Carrot, her former boyfriend, with another woman ends up sending Baba into a revenge driven rage as she attempts to kill the Carrot and his new companion via vehicular manslaughter.

    Fortunately for the Flaming Carrot and Crissy they are able to dodge the car at the last second, the police arrive and then chase Baba down a one way street, the wrong way. It is unknown if she is ever caught or if she escapes.

    Riding For A Fall

    Once again the Flaming Carrot is spotted by Baba inside a bar, this time it's Moe's Cavern, a local bar run by a vicious gangster named Moe. In an attempt to mug the Flaming Carrot, Moe sends out one of his B-Girls, Gina, to lure him into an ambush. While all of this is going on Baba has been watching from the sidelines with one of her friends, discussing how badly she wishes the Flaming Carrot was dead.

    Baba's friend informs her that she likely won't have to wait long considering Moe's ambush, something that gives Baba great pleasure; however, it doesn't last long and she begins to regret not warning the Flaming Carrot about the events to come. After the Flaming Carrot is taken into a back room she realizes that even though they're no longer together that she still loves the Carrot and she can't let Moe and his friends mug him. Thus she winds up finding one of the Carrot's friends, Shadrack, and lets him know that the Carrot is in trouble.

    Baba's warning allows the Carrot's friends to intervene on the mugging and save his life.


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