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    Character » Baba Yaga appears in 124 issues.

    Evil witch and enemy of Sela and Samantha Darren. She is also a foe of the Dark One though they often seemingly work towards the same goal. She has been portrayed almost exclusively as evil, however, on occasion she has worked with others towards a goal which is significantly less evil than, for instance, the Dark One.

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    Fel Yaga was one of the keepers and writers of the journals of Myst. She kept her daughter Baba close by and the two shared a close relationship. Eventually the forces of the Dark One came for her journal. Fel she resisted and paid for it with her life. Baba witnessed the murder and swore to become an enemy of the Dark One, but also choose a life of evil for herself.

    She once was Shang's star pupil, until he discovered she was a spy for the enemy. He cast her out and imprisoned her in a house in a forest. There she lay in wait and laid traps for humans, so that she could eat them. Her favourite prey were children, but with none often available she instead ate the heroes and champions who sought to slay her. She would then take their bones and create a fence from them. She would later decide that she had only one champion left to vanquish, Alexxa. Alexxa is hunted down by the Black, White and Red Knights of Baba Yaga, but fought back with the aid of characters from her book. Baba Yaga counter-attacked and Alexxa only had time to return to her house to tell Shang that Baba Yaga was back. He informed her to pass the book on the next bearer, which was Sela.


    The character was created as an adversary for Sela and first appeared in Grimm Fairy Tales #42.

    The initial concept behind the character was based off of that of a witch-like creature from Slavic legends called Baba Yaga, although the Zenescope version is substantially different. Like the Zenescope version though this character is sometimes portrayed as a force for good, even though she has an evil nature.

    Character Evolution

    She has been portrayed almost exclusively as evil, however, on occasion she and Belinda have worked together towards a goal which is significantly less evil than, for instance, the Dark One.

    Major Story Arcs

    Baba Yaga is more often seen behind the scenes manipulating others as opposed to being involved directly in the action. Her first major role was in the Dream Eater Saga where she decides against the advice of the others to kill the Dark One (though he is saved by a sacrifice of Fenton).

    In the series Grimm Fairy Tales: Myths and Legends, she fills the opposite role as that of Samantha, and tries to convert other falseblood to the side of evil. She is currently pursuing the shards of an artifact which will return Helios to Earth.

    Powers and Abilities

    She is a sorceress of great power and is seemingly immortal. One of the item in her possession is the Cyclops Eye which enchants others and makes them serve her.


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