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    Baba Yaga is a witch from Russian/Slavic folklore.

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    Origins and Creation

    Baba Yaga was the ancient Slavic goddess of earth before the Russian Gods came into power, but she seemed to abuse her powers by inflicting mortals with drought and famine. She degenerated into a goddess of the underworld and built her hut out of bones near the location of a cave leading to the underworld and often flew through the air on a broomstick. She is the model for the fairy tale witch in Hansel And Gretel. She ate anyone who wandered near her. She was also known as the grandmother of Chert, the Russian devil, and Koshchei, the god of misfortune, whom became foes of Bielebog, the god of spring, and Perun, the god of thunder. She is the grandmother of Chernobog.

    Major Story Arcs


    Captain Britain and Meggan came across Baba Yaga's home while traveling through Western Russia. She captured Meggan and attempted to bring her to her side. Meggan being both an empath and having ties to the energy of the Earth was especially susceptible to Baba Yaga's influence. Because of Meggan's nature, Baba Yaga believed her to be one of her daughters, and that Captain Britain was Meggan's offering to her. Meggan was in a daze as Baba Yaga used her to control the surrounding woods and capture Captain Britain, and then prepared to kill him. However, Meggan managed to resist her: Summoning an ancient, perhaps racial, memory, Meggan spoke the words: "Witch of Wood and Witch of Water--Fire will save us from the Slaughter. Fire to Scorch you...Fire to Torch you...Fire to Send you Screaming Back to Hell!" She unleashed a blast of flame that incinerated Baba Yaga, her daughters, and her house.


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    One of the Adversary's most powerful sorceresses, Baba Yaga arrived in Fabletown after taking the form of Red Riding Hood. In this disguise, she seduced, interrogated and tortured Boy Blue, and then led an army of wooden soldiers to attack Fabletown. She was defeated in a magical battle with Frau Totenkinder on the roof of the main Fabletown building where Totenkinder had spent years laying down protective spells, giving her the advantage. The rest of Fabletown believes Baba Yaga died in this battle; however, Bigby and Totenkinder kept her alive and restrained, regularly drained of magical power, in a secret prison cell in order to extract information from her.

    Her legendary chicken-legged hut was sent to the mundane world during the battle between Baba Yaga and the Boxers, an elite team of sorcerers whose mission is to seal away "Great old powers". To detain the witch, they had to remove her hut, as it protected her from the Boxers' lures. A conjured Field Gate was set up to send the hut to a random world, which turned out to be the mundane world, leaving Baba Yaga behind. Without the hut's protection, she was quickly captured. After fifty years of being "boxed away" she struck a deal with the Empire to serve it instead of being trapped forever.

    The hut was stored at the Farm, kept under tight magical control. It awoke during the Baba Yaga's mission, broke through the controlling spells and went on a rampage when Baba Yaga came through in disguise, providing Frau Totenkinder with a clue to her true identity. It was shown tied down on the Farm shortly after Baba Yaga's escape.

    Baba Yaga is served by the three demigod knights of the Rus, Bright Day, Radiant Sun and Dark Night, who rank among the most formidable warriors in the Empire. All three faced and were defeated by Boy Blue during his return to the Homelands, but due to their irrevocable bond with Baba Yaga, none of the three were able to die. Bright Day represented his mistress at the Imperial conference, appearing only as a head.

    Later, after Mr. Dark was released and unbound the various enchantments that had drawn on his power, including those holding her, Baba Yaga escaped from her cell, only to find herself trapped in the labyrinth rubble. She summons her knights, fully reformed, and plans her escape. However, before she can flee, she is defeated and killed, by the unlikely Bufkin who had been trapped within the Woodland Office as well.


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