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    A heavily armed starfighter used by the Rebel Alliance and New Republic.

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    The B-wing heavy assault starfighter was one of many starfighters used by the Rebel Alliance. Built by the Slayn and Korpil company, Alliance supreme commander Admiral Ackbar played a key role in design process.

    Among the most heavily-armed ships used by the Rebellion, the B-wing was meant to supplement - and eventually replace - the aging Y-wing starfighter. Although it never fully replaced the Y-wing, it played a key role in several major engagements for the Rebellion and New Republic. It even saw use during the war with the Yuuzhan Vong, over two decades after it first saw combat.

    The B-wing was not easy to fly, and was consequently of little use in dogfights. It was mainly used to attack capital ships, such as Imperial Star Destroyers.


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