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During the "Five Years Later" timeline of the Legion of Super-Heroes, the alien race known as the Dominators took control of the Earth. The Dominators intended B.I.O.N. to be a human-looking hero for the people, to help keep them docile and to provide an alternative to the fugitive Legion of Super-Heroes.

B.I.O.N.'s protoplasmic body was grown using the genetic abilities of the SW6 Legionnaires, which basically gave him the powers of the entire Legion of Super-Heroes. His mental and nervous systems were grown from the Computo Matrix which was seized from Brainiac 5's lab.

B.I.O.N. was sent by the Dominators to capture the escaped SW6 Legionnaires, but mistakenly ended up going against the adult Legionnaires instead. After a brutal battle with the team, B.I.O.N. was eventually defeated by Kono, whose powers he was unfamiliar with.

But unknown to the Legion, B.I.O.N. had split himself into three separate bodies while hunting the SW6 batch. The two other bodies, having failed in their mission, went to retrieve their third body from Legion headquarters. After another brutal battle with the Legionnaires, B.I.O.N. reintegrated his three bodies and escaped.

B.I.O.N. has not been seen since.

Powers and Abilities

B.I.O.N. had the powers of the following Legionnaires:

Sun Boy

Light Lass

Phantom Girl

Invisible Kid

Saturn Girl


Cosmic Boy

Element Lad

Karate Kid

Shrinking Violet

Colossal Boy

Ferro Lad

Princess Projectra

Lightning Lad

Triplicate Girl


Brainiac 5

Matter-Eater Lad

Chameleon Boy

Ultra Boy


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