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    Character » B. B. Hood appears in 18 issues.

    B.B. Hood is a Darkhunter, a bounty hunter that kills supernatural beings for money. Although outwardly cute in appearance, she is a schizophrenic murderess.

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     Adorably Homicidal
     Adorably Homicidal
    B.B. Hood became a Darkhunter when a plethora of supernatural creatures from Makai began to make an exodus to the world of the humans. These creatures become a scientific curiosity, and hunters were employed to capture these creatures for the purpose of furthering research in bio-weaponry. Hunting these creatures is an extremely dangerous profession, and failure means certain death. Having a sound body and mind are not enough to succeed as a Darkhunter. It requires a particularly dark heart to avoid the poisonous aura emanated by these creatures. B.B. Hood is ranked a "Special S-Class Hunter", her stare alone is enough to cause many stronger Darkstalkers to cower in fear. In fact, B.B. is believed to be an ideal candidate for a hunter. B.B.'s cruel heart was dark enough that Jedah considered to be an actual Darkstalker, and he teleported her to the realm of Majigen. B.B. simply looked around and declared, "Hey, there all's been a long time since a job this big."   

    Mission Directive

    • Attending the conference Hunters Guild of the Northern European Alpine Branch to secure part of the final profit, interchanging with the other Hunters is necessary.
    • Obtaining weapons and ammunition through illegal means. A first class job requires first class materials.
    • Maintaining portable weapons at home. To every Hunter, skipping this is suicidal.
    • Making gunpowder mixtures for mines. Continuously researching is a sign of professional.
    • Going to town to buy food and clothing, and going to Grandmother's house
      to do errands (her girl side can be seen here).
    • Training for controlled shooting, such as shooting 50 targets while performing a 100 m (328 ft) dash. Basic training is the foundation for advanced stuff. One must not forget to always return to the basics
    • Using the satellite Catastrophe, a camouflaged military satellite, to retrieve information on Darkstalkers. Information gathering is the key to the current Hunter business. One must use any means possible to eliminate the target.
    • Enter the Dark Hunting Grand Prix held twice a year. A target is decided upon and they compete to see who can hunt it down first. This is a competition for the Hunters to test their own skills, but not all Hunters compete in this tournament.

    Powers And Abilities


     Ruthlessly Cute
     Ruthlessly Cute
    B.B. Hood has no special powers or abilities, but she is proficient in the usage of multiple types of weaponry. She keeps various armaments hidden within a wicker basket that she carries with her, and is fond of tossing landmines from her skirt pockets. Although outwardly cute and sweet in appearance, B.B. Hood is a schizophrenic psychopath, and will murder anyone who stands in the way of her collecting a paycheck. Weaker Darkstalkers fear the girl for her blood-thirsty ruthlessness. 

    Friends And Family

    B.B. has a two-year-old dog named Harry. She is particularly close to the
     "Beautiful Hunting"
    hunters, John and Arthur. Rumor has it that their last names are Smit h and Wesson after not only the firearms manufacturer, but the pioneer hunter John Smith, who married the Native American, Pocahantas. This is merely fan-based speculation that an Arthur Wesson played any significant role in historical events. Daniel Wesson and Horace Smith founded the company in the year 1852.


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    •  B.B. Hood is known as "Bulleta" in Japan. 
    • She appears in a short story in issue #6 of UDON Comics' Darkstalkers series.

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