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Born in Chicago, Bosco Albert "BA" Baracus was raised in a poor neighbourhood. A confrontational child, he often engaged in violence and petty crime. As he grew he developed an interest in mechanics, at which he excelled. As an adult he joined the army, rising to the rank of sergeant and becoming a member of the US Special Forces unit the A-Team. He was imprisoned along with the rest of the team for a crime they did not commit, and escaped along with them, becoming a soldier of fortune in Los Angeles.


BA was created by Frank Lupo and Stephen J Cannell. Much of his mannerisms are based on those of the actor portraying him, Mr T.

Major Story Arcs

Throughout the various series, BA acts as the team's heavy and mechanic. He is the most confrontational and violent of the members of the A-Team, usually resorting to violence first and asking questions later. He is very quick to anger, and does not suffer "crazy fools" gladly, especially Murdock. Despite his apparent ill-temper, he has a special fondness for children, often volunteering to take care of children in the community centre near where he lives.

Powers and Abilities

BA is the most powerful and talented hand-to-hand fighter on the team, and often relied on to intimidate or fight opponents. He is proficient with a variety of weaponry due to his time in the army. He is also a gifted mechanic, and is able to repair or build just about anything that is needed out of anything that is available. His van, a GMC Vandura, is of particular importance to him, and he spends a great deal of time repairing it after all the scrapes the team have gotten it into over the years. He is fiercely protective of it, and refuses to let others drive it while he is present. Occasionally the others are able to drive it, but only when BA is otherwise indisposed.

BA suffers from pteromechanophobia, an intense fear of flying. Because of this, the team usually has to drug or otherwise incapacitate him in order to travel to places where they are needed. He has been occasionally known to willingly fly when it is required of him. He is also a teetotaler, preferring milk to any sort of alcohol.

In Other Media

BA was originated on the television series by actor Mr.T, who played the part during all five seasons, which aired from 1983-1987. In the 2010 movie, which gave an origin for his pteromechanophobia, he was played by mixed martial artist and actor Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. In the film he does not wear any of his trademark chains. He also briefly gains religion and becomes a pacifist. Mr. T chose not to appear in the film.


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