Azure Blue

    Character » Azure Blue appears in 26 issues.

    A man who claimed to be the rightful owner of North America

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     Azure claimed to be the disendant of Olaf the Blue, a Viking who had reached North America in the early 10th century and had claimed this land as his property. However, this claim was never suported by any facts.


    He was created by Carl Barks in 1952. Later, he was used by Don Rosa for his sequel to Barks' story.

    Major Arcs

    The Golden Helmet
    To given legal standing to his claim to North America, Azure had to find the mysterious Golden Helmet with the help of his lawyer, Sharky. However, the currator creates his own rival expedition to find this artifact for his mussem with help of Donald Duck and his three nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie. They did find the helmet, but it made everyone around it become greedy and power hungry (in azure and Sharky's case it made them even more greedy), so the nephews threw it into the ocean.
    The Lost Carts of Columbus
    It was later revealed in Rosa's sequel that Azure stayed in that same area, dredging the waters to find the helmet with no luck. Ironically, Gladstone Gander (who had some luck) was able to fish it out of the sea without even trying. The fight for who the rightful owner of North America should be began agian, but this time, Donald and Azure kept finding even older claims to america. It was later realized that all these newly found claims were fakes (though actully lay claim to all of Europe), so Azure is defeated and he is forced to pay for all the expences he and his team has collected throughout the adventure.
    Rightful Owners (Duck Tales Cameo) 
    Azure makes a cameo in Duck Tales as one of the many rogues contacted by the mysterious Agent X to foil Scrooge's chances at winning a bet against John D. Rockerduck.

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