Azuma Goda

    Character » Azuma Goda appears in 20 issues.

    Director of the Tokyo Branch of the Hand.

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    Azuma Goda was created by Jason Aaron for his run on Wolverine.

    Major Story Arc

    Back In Japan

    After ordering Sabretooth to throw Boss Takenaka from a jet plane, Azuma set up a meeting with the heads of the Yakuza. There he kills many of them though a combination of countless Hand ninjas, a rampaging Sabretooth, and confused newly appointed Silver Samurai.

    Azuma would escape with his life by teleorting away with Sabretooth and a now beaten Silver Samurai. They would teleport to The Lair of the Mind Ninja, which has acted as the main lair of the Hand for centuries. There Azuma would torture Shin both physically and mentally, until Wolverine and Yukio show up and Wolverine goes berserk and kills most of the ninjas.

    This is when Azuma reveals that his plan was to rid the Hand of the ninja and make himself the invisible crime boss of East Asian. This plan seems to be working. He uses Lord Deathstrike to stage his assassination. But then he is double crossed by Sabretooth.

    Sabretooth leaves Azuma behind for Wolverine to kill, which happens. Azuma is last seen dead on his condo balcony.


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