Aztek's Helmet

    Object » Aztek's Helmet appears in 39 issues.

    The helmet of superhero Aztek, it records the experiences of their previous users. It is a mix of technology and mystics arts.

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    The Aztek's helmet, know also as the Mask of Warriors, has been used by generations and kept by the Q Foundation. Their last users were the man know as Emilio and his son, the superhero Aztek, aka Uno aka Curtis Falconer, who died battling against the Mageddon entity. The helmet survived and it was found by its current holder, Nayeli Constant.

    This helmet uses a 4D force to grant abilities in the helmet like x-ray vision or infrared vision. The helmet is powered by an extradimentional 4-D battery and contains the memories and combat experiencies of all their previous users.

    The helmet also contain diagrams for the suit and is capable of download the Aztek uniform using a vibrational key.


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