Aztek: The Ultimate Man #9

    Aztek: The Ultimate Man » Aztek: The Ultimate Man #9 - The Power and the Glory released by DC Comics on April 1, 1997.

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    Broken and beaten from the recent encounters with the Lizard King and the Joker, Aztek is forced to return to the place where he was raised and trained--the secret base of the Brotherhood of Quetzalcoatl. There he encounters Raptor, the woman chosen by the Brotherhood to be his mate!

    A Vanity City teenager was hit by a truck while visiting Metropolis. Now back at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, the teenager’s mother is bemoaning her son’s condition to Julia Frostick. Her son was such a Superman fan, and she never thought accidents happened in Metrpolis; that Superman would save the day. Julia consoles her, saying they will do something.

    In Aztek’s new apartment, Aztek get a wake-up call for his shift at the hospital. He is not used to this new sponsorship by Lexcorp, which has given him a chauffeur and a limousine. Aztek prefers to fly, and leaves the apartment to go to work. When he gets to work, Julia reveals her discovery of last issue: that no one remembers any discrepancies in Aztek’s origin. To prove her point, she should out to the staff that Aztek is really Curt Falconer. The staff does not even acknowledge Julia. Julia theorizes that the Q Foundation must have telepaths on staff to help hide Aztek’s secret identity. Julia tells Aztek of the teenager’s problems, and asks Aztek if he knows Superman.

    At the Q Foundation, Lex Luthor addresses the assemblage. He tells them of his plan to “test” Aztek by having had released Doc Parasite. Luthor has arranged for Superman to be busy with global disasters, which will allow Aztek to come and save the day. Aztek, en route to recruit Superman’s help for the teenager, encounters Doc Parasite on a rampage. The battle rages, and when Doc Parasite tries to absorb the power of Aztek’s helmet, he cannot handle the power of its fourth-dimensional power source. Parasite is knocked unconscious, and Maggie Sawyer is on hand to lock Doc Parasite back up.

    Sawyer puts Aztek in touch with Superman, and the two return to Vanity City, where Superman pays a visit to the teenager. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor is ecstatic: with allies including Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern, Aztek is sure to be invited to join the Justice League.


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