Aztek: The Ultimate Man #10

    Aztek: The Ultimate Man » Aztek: The Ultimate Man #10 - A League of Their Own released by DC Comics on May 1997.

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    Broken and beaten from the recent encounters with the Lizard King and the Joker, Aztek is forced to return to the place where he was raised and trained--the secret base of the Brotherhood of Quetzalcoatl. There he encounters Raptor, the woman chosen by the Brotherhood to be his mate!

    The issue begins with an Earth conquered. Batman has been shot in the head, Flash’s legs have been ripped off, Parademons are roasting the remains of Martian Manhunter, and Superman has been crucified with a kryptonite pendant around his neck. In the middle of this stands Aztek and Darkseid, with Darkseid asking Aztek what he’s going to do about it. When Aztek gives his tactical analysis, we realize this is a test, as Green Lantern confirms. This test is for Aztek joining the JLA.

    Back at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, the staff deal with an unusual cardiac arrest: the supposedly immortal Professor Ivo has had a heart attack in his cell. While the surgery team preps, Aztek (as Dr. Curt Falconer) and hospital supervisor Julia Frostick go over cases. Forstick suggests that more supervillains will be coming to Vanity now that he is here, and Aztek points out the additional Q Foundation guards he has been assigned.

    On the moon, the Justice League meets in their Watchtower to go over applicants. Their analysis is interrupted by Amazo, who traps the League in a Green Lantern energy bubble. Amazo has business with Professor Ivo, and he does not want the rest of the League to interfere.

    Amazo crashes in through the wall of St. Barts, and Aztek springs into action. Aztek, however, is just barely able to keep up with Amazo’s use of the Flash’s super-speed. Amazo manhandles Aztek, using Martian Manhunter’s superhuman strength, and Black Canary’s canary cry to keep him on the ropes. Aztek, however, gets a good blast in with his armor’s energy gauntlets, doing some damage to Amazo’s head.

    Meanwhile, the Justice League breaks out of Amazo’s prison. Since Amazo’s ring is based on Hal Jordan’s power ring, the League makes use of its weakness to yellow. Wonder Woman wraps her Lasso of Truth around her hand, using it as makeshift brass knuckes to bash through the energy construct. The League head to Earth, where they witness Aztek standing off against a now-damaged Amazo.

    With the whole League here, Amazo reveals the meaning of his visit: he has a serum for Professor Ivo that will restore his immortality. Amazo does not wish to see his creator die. Amazo passes along the vials of serum, then flees. The League, impressed that Aztek was able to stand toe-to-toe with Amazo, vote Aztek into the League. The League perform an initiation ritual using the costume of the Crimson Avenger, the first masked hero, and the entire League welcomes Aztek into their ranks.

    However, Aztek’s life in Vanity City is due for some surprises: Julia Frostick turns down Aztek’s advances; Patty Celeste, the Super-Groupie, has her eyes set on Aztek; Aztek’s long-lost brother Lawrence Rodman has decided to track Aztek down; super-villain the Quizler has decided to make Vanity the home of his next super-villain convention; and Aztek’s second-in-command has decided to leave Mexico for Vanity City, to make sure he does not screw up the mission.


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