Character » Azmodus appears in 21 issues.

    An amalgam of a demon named Sekuba and Caraka--the first host of The Spectre. Azmodus was one of the Spectre's greatest foes.

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    Caraka was the first man to take the form of The Spectre following the decree that The Spectre entity must be bound by a human host. During his time as The Spectre, Caraka was approached by the demon Sekuba, who showed The Spectre many visions--including visions that pertained to the family he had abandoned in their various reincarnations as a result of his taking up the role of The Spectre.

    Overwhelmed with a sense of despair and hatred that fell upon him, Caraka denounced The Spectre and joined with Sekuba, forever to live in the shadows as the creature named Azmodus. Spectre later ripped apart Azmodus after he/she was hit by a bullet that made people feel desperation and cast Sekuba, the power behind Azmodus, into the deepest pits of Hell.


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