Azif A Barouk

    Character » Azif A Barouk appears in 7 issues.

    Azif A Barouk is a rebel freedom fighter who helps Jupiter Assante and Grendel Prime.

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    Major Story Arcs

    Azif A Barouk is the leader of a band of rebels in the era of the rule of Regent Laurel Kennedy. Azif and his group are still loyal to the ideals of Orion Assante, who preceded Laurel as leader of the world, and to Orion's heir, Jupiter Assante, who is missing.

    Azif's rebels come upon Grendel Prime and Jupiter (whom they do not recognize) when they are battling mutants. The rebels defeat the mutants and knock out the weakened Prime, then bring him and Jupiter back to their base.

    They deconstruct Grendel Prime, who is revealed to be a cyborg. Azif interrogates him about who he is and what he is trying to do. Grendel Prime finally convinces him of his identity and mission by playing a hologram video from Orion Assante. However, when they go to release Jupiter, they find that he has been kidnapped by vampires, and then are immediately beset by Kennedy's Red Devil troops.

    Azif bonds with Grendel Prime
    Azif bonds with Grendel Prime

    Almost all of Azif's rebels are killed, but they win in the end. Azif and Grendel Prime bond during the battle, and they all take the protection of Jupiter as their new mission. After a difficult journey, they track him to an abandoned missile silo in Siberia. They enter, and are attacked by the vampires, including Kierch. They manage to save Jupiter and kill the vampires, with Azif proving to be a competent leader and soldier.

    Ten years later, Azif and Grendel Prime have trained Jupiter to be a leader and soldier himself. They make a plan to take back the government. On the way, they run into Jupiter's sister, Crystal, and her lovers, Susan and Benjamin. Jupiter, Crystal, and Azif go on a mission to find the now-insane Laurel, while Grendel Prime and Susan attack the main seat of government. On the trip, Azif and Crystal bond.

    When they get there, Azif successfully leads the infiltration of Laurel's base, and Jupiter confronts Laurel. He makes an announcement to the world that he has returned, and is welcomed back with enthusiasm by the populace.

    Azif becomes the Minister of Clan Relations under Jupiter's reign, in charge of dealing with the many groups of Grendels throughout the world. He marries Crystal, but they eventually divorce. He dies three years later in a battle in Australia.


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