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    A city-state in another dimension. Home of the Teen Titan known as Raven.

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    Azarath is a pacifist society founded by Azar the First, and the people residing there does not believe in violence on any level. Meaning there are no defences of any kind and that every single inhabitant is a vegetarian.

    Throughout Azarath's existence it has been ruled by the spiritual leader known as Azar, the first of three founded the city and purged the evils from her followers from Earth, evils that allowed the demon known as Trigon the Terrible to take physical form in another universe. The first and second Azar both lived to the great age of 400 years before they passed the mantle of leadership to their daughters, who would then become Azar. The last of the line, Azar III only lived to be 200 years, but was responsible for seeing the ultimate purpose of Azarath through to the end as the young Raven, Trigons daughter studied under her and was present at her peaceful death, leaving no successor.

    Raven eventually grew to a young woman and a tormented one since the death of Azar III, where her father began haunting her dreams. Unable to accept Azarath's unwillingness to address the treat of Trigon, Raven left the city, forever shutting her out as she would be considered 'infected' with Earth's violence should she return with the intent to remain.

    Azarath was eventually destroyed by Trigon when he invaded the dimension after breaking free of his prison, Azarath offered no resistance to the demons descending upon them and the city was leveled to the ground.

    The ruins of Azarath would become home to the extra-dimensional base of the Wildebeest Society led by the insane Joseph Wilson, driven mad by the insane ghosts of Azarath. Joseph would die by his fathers hands here, as Raven would die by the hands of Arella her mother and Danny Chase who would also perish battling the legacy of Trigon.

    Later the purified spirits of Azerath would found New Azerath, appearing mostly as a world of craggy rocks and smoke, the only known inhabitant is a new incarnation of the Phantasm, the previous having been destroyed by Raven's corrupt energies.

    The New 52

    In the world left behind after the passing of the Flashpoint event, Azarath has only been mentioned as having been destroyed some years ago by Trigon and that Raven escaped the invasion by fleeing to Earth. There is an entrance to Azarath located at Stonehenge, where Raven first arrived and would not return to because her father would be waiting for her.


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