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Queen Aynos is the ruler and queen of a tribe of rock like race in the plains of Outworld. When the earth warriors Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage wander into her territory she orders them captured and fights Sonya one on one. Johnny initially mistakes Queen Aynos for Sonya and kisses her on the check, resulting in Aynos shoving and kicking him down. About to kill Cage, she is interrupted by Sonya Blade who forces a one on one confrontation between the two. After being beaten by Sonya, Aynos loses her temper and demands her warriors hold Sonya and Johnny Cage still. Aynos then attempts to blow them up with an energy ball she projects from her mouth, however Cage and Sonya move to fast and Aynos hits her own men. Sonya and Johnny would then knock Aynos unconscious with a tag team double kick.     


Queen Aynos is a Malibu comic book character. Appearing in the popular Mortal Kombat franchises line of comic books, Aynos first appears in Mortal Kombat Blood & Thunder #4 released in 1995. Aynos was a character created specfically for the comic book series, she has never appeared in any of the Mortal Kombat video games. She was created by Charles Marshall and Patrick Rolo.

Powers and Abilities

Physically fit and athletic Queen Aynos is a competent hand to hand fighter. She had fighting ability near special forces operative Sonya Blade's level. Queen Aynos also possessed the ability to create explosive energy projection powers.

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