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    Also known as 'Mistress,' Ayane Anno is one of the top mixed-martial-arts fighters on Earth and a former world champion. Specializing in her own brand of capoeria mixed with ninjutsu, her speed and stealth are exceptional, and combined with powerful kicks, skillful punches, and advanced grappling skills, Ayane Anno is a formidable fighter. She also possesses a singular unnerving set of eyes, which only a handful of people seem unaffected by.

    Ayane is a member of 'Team Jet,' a collection of fighters that include treasure hunter Ryan Tabbot who are in mixed martial arts not for fame or glory- though they have no problem if those are gained in the process- but rather in search of the 'ultimate fight,' looking for greater challenges to hone their skills. So far Ayane's had the most individual success of the team, though some of her teammates dominate in the 2 vs 2 division.

    Mistress's current tag-team partner is Carla, a martial artist from the realm of Jade who's own training resembles Ayane's ninjutsu, complimenting each other well. They became friends after Carla, Luan, and Gar Silvear, a trio of fighters, students of Julia Diggers, who were brought to Earth by archmage Theodore Diggers, were brought to the official mixed martial artists tournaments. Mistress grew interested in Gar when Gar was friendly with her and seemed unintimidated by her eyes, and attempted to make moves on him, resulting in a confrontation with his girlfriend, the jealous Luan, and a vicious fight. Soon realizing they were both in the wrong, they made up, and Luan and Carla have become Ayane's favorite sparing partners.

    Despite her harsh appearance, it's at least partially show, and though she doesn't mind being thought of as cool and badass, Ayane has a secret (or not-so-secret, but rarely believed) desire to be 'cute'. Initially going by the stage name 'Ninja Kitty' for this reason, she found it neither sold posters nor offset her intimidating eyes, and she changed her stage persona to match.

    In her personal life she's had her share of troubles, as it seems almost everyone finds her gaze innately terrifying, and even her closest friends work around it. This has resulted in a string of breakups, a chain finally broken with her relationship with fellow fighter and assistant to the champ, Jotaru, perhaps aided by his own unusual eye situation, namely that being a genie, his true eyes are on his torso, a fact that ironically almost caused Ayane to back away, before realizing the irony and getting over it.

    On one bizarre occasion, Lowtor, Prince of the tiny and 'evil' Uompa Luompas, rival of the Leprechauns, became enchanted with her eyes and took her to his kingdom and tried to convince Ayane she was his Queen, despite her being a dozen times taller than any of the inhabitants. Though unsure of the whole 'Queen' business, Ayane loved how the cute inhabitants of the kingdom in turn loved her 'evil' eyes, and started convincing the subjects that looking evil and doing good are two different things and they should act good. Once the Disney singing started, the Evil Witch Haggy who's magic had been used to whisk her there and who had secretly been manipulating Lowtor behind the scenes, said 'screw that!' and used her magic to return Ayane back to her home and wipe everyone's memory of the whole thing- Ayane, Lowtor, and Uompa Luompa citizens alike.

    Ayane lives in a mansion with her two oddly-unaging butlers Jervis and Jeeves, who have raised her since she was a child, and who hide the secret that Ayane is not entirely human, even from her. Ayane also has a kitten, Nin-nin, who finds her scary-but-cool.


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