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Axew is a bipedal, grayish-green Pokémon with pale, straight tusks protruding from the sides of its mouth. These tusks can regenerate if broken, and will regrow if they fall out. This repeated regrowth strengthens and sharpens its tusks. The tusks serve numerous purposes, from making territorial gashes in trees to crushing Berries for eating.

Pokédex number: #610

Axew evolves into Fraxure at level 38, then into Haxorus at 48.

Physical Traits

Name in Japanese: キバゴ Kibago.

Height: 2'00"/ 0.06m.

Weight: 39.7 lbs/ 18.0 kg.

Video Game Appearances

  • Black.
  • Black 2.
  • White.
  • White 2.
  • X.
  • Y.

Notable Axew

Iris's Axew.


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