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    Axeman Bone of Imperia once killed the former King of Sakaar, After the Hulk devestated the planet, He now wages War against anything in his way.

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    A member of the Imperial race on the planet Sakaar, the child who would become known as Axeman Bone was born an Imperial Prime, a very rare and physically powerful specimen of his people. Only two or three at the most were born in a generation. The only other known Imperial Prime was the Father Emperor Angmo, and the Father Emperor did not like competition. The child should have been killed, but out of a warped sense of mercy, he was allowed to live chained in a hidden prison. For ten years, he remained like that. It was not until then that someone said something to the wrong soldier, and the village was bombed by the Imperial army to kill the boy. Only they bombardment failed to kill him and succeeded only in freeing him from his chains. Even at the young age, he was strong enough to slaughter every soldier in his path, as well as every villager in payback for imprisoning him.

    For another ten years, this boy survived in the wilds of Sakaar. Then came the day he came across the Father Emperor's hunting party in the region known as Upper Vandro. He easily killed the Harrowbeast that threatened them, but it was not to save them. He told Angmo he did it only to have the privilege of doing the killing himself. The two Imperial Primes fought, and the Axeman took off the Father Emperor's head with his axe. So ended the reign of Father Emperor Angmo, allowing for the rise of his son the Red King.


    Axeman Bone was created by Greg pak and Ron Garney and first appeared in Skaar: Son of Hulk issue 1 (2008).

    Major Story Arcs

    Rise of Axeman Bone

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    Axeman Bone began his rise to fame as a gladiator in the Great Games. From there, he became the empire's greatest general. He had a daughter named Lihla, a sweet and innocent girl, whom he tried to keep from harms way. The campaigns he led united the six Imperial kingdoms of Sakaar for the Red King, but the Red King was not as pleased, knowing that even he could not beat Axeman Bone. So the Red King made war with the barbarian hordes and sent Axeman Bone to lead that campaign next, keeping him out of the way. He fought those wars for years. As a result, he was far from the Crown City when a warp core explosion meant to kill the Hulk destroyed it and ravaged Sakaar.

    This was how Axeman Bone came to be leader of the barbarians in the war torn, post-apocalyptic landscape of Sakaar. Rumors circulated that though the Hulk was gone he had left a son who would come to power on Sakaar, and given what had become of the world after the Hulk came to power, Axeman Bone decided he could not allow the same of the son. Seven thousand men, women and children fell to his axe as he lead his barbarian army, hunting down every possible child who could be the son of the Hulk.

    Eventually, he did find Skaar. He found the boy with Princess Omaka, his chief rival for rulership over what was left of Sakaar. He fought the son of Hulk with the dragons he had domesticated for war. Skaar killed him, and Axeman Bone saw that the boy was little more than a raging animal. Still, Skaar wounded him and forced him to retreat from the fight. While he healed, he sent a Shadow Priest with the Oldpower to kill Skaar, but that too failed. He soon entered the fray once again, endeavoring to stop Skaar from reaching the place where the boy would be able to access the Oldpower. This was another failure. Skaar reached a fortress city protected by a force field Axeman Bone could not penetrate. Inside, Skaar was able to tap into the Oldpower and unleash his fury back upon Axeman Bone and all other killers on Sakaar. Skaar even threatened to kill Axeman Bone's daughter, a secret he thought safe.

    Skaar's fury was so great that Axeman Bone found the boy's former allies now allying with him. He was now the hunted, as Skaar amassed an army that even included the Silver Surfer, enslaved with an obedience disk. When he and Skaar were drawn in to clash once more, his own daughter prevented him from avoiding it by putting her own life in danger to make him stay. She had been shown the evils he had done by Skaar and decided he should die for it. The battle was halted by Skaar's mother, Caiera, in the form of the Hulk. To stop the warring, Axeman Bone's axe hand was broken and he was forced to swear allegience to Omaka. He fleed with his daughter and Omaka, before the Son gets ideas. After a week of recovering his Axe hand, he steps out and discovers a doom they were brought upon. he couldn't do anything but watch as Caiera sacrifices her last.


    Axeman has numerous powers that have been revealed, which include superhuman strength, due to being an Imperial prime he can kill horrow beasts at ages like 10 or 12. His stamina is well trained and he can remain strong even without eating for days. His ability to heal is at good heights, he can heal horrific damages without medical attention. His intellect served him as General and Strategist, and he has won many fights by beating them with smarts. His hand to hand combat is far from good, after breaking free from his prison he began fighting experienced guards without any weapon or shield, his main weapon is his trusty axe made from fine metal.


    Axeman Bone, wields a large staff like Axe that was his occasional killing material, it even became a prized possession that no one can replace. It's wood is made from fine ancient wood, which is far from human tree. It's blade is not made by Metal is far from normal, it can rival vibranium and even titanium, he is a very experienced fighter since his freedom occured.


    • Height: 9'7''
    • Weight: 438 Ibs
    • Eyes: Yellow
    • Hair: Bald
    • Strength: Over 50 ton

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