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    One day at the scene of a fire the cop found the perfect fireman's axe. That was the day he became Axe Cop. Married to his job and only sleeps two minutes a night, Axe Cop will "Chop your head off!"

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    Axe Cop is a web-comic turned published series written by a 5 year old (5 when the comic began, now 8 years of age) and illustrated by his thirty year old brother. Yes, it really is that awesome.


    Axe Cop became a cop when he walked into a police station and signed a free sign-up form. It is assumed that sometime after this is when he found the perfect fire ax and became Axe Cop. He immediately set out to find a partner and held tryouts. He was joined by Flute Cop, who was also coincidentally his long lost brother, whom he didn't recognized because they bumped into each other's heads and lost all their memory. They immediately set out to kill a gang of dinosaurs, and in the process Flute Cop got dinosaur blood on him, causing him to turn into Dinosaur Soldier.

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    Sometime after this the new duo held more tryouts, and were approached by Telescope Gun Cop. However this tryout was interrupted by Psydrozon, a giant one eyed robot with two swords, being controlled by Pretzel Head, who could control robots with his mind and turn his head into a pretzel. Axe Cop killed Psydrozon using Uni-Baby, a baby with a unicorn horn on his head and took Psydrozon's body for his own. He told Telescope Gun Cop that he didn't need him now that he had a robot suit. This caused him to go back in time and kill Axe Cop and Flute Cop's Parents, Bobber and Gobber Smartist, which made the brothers vow to become cops and fight crime.

    Character Evolution

    Axe Cop, unlike Flute Cop and most supporting characters, stays pretty much the same for the whole time. (whereas Flute Cop turns into Dino Soldier, then into Avocado Soldier, etc.) His character is slowly revealed in a series called Ask Axe Cop, in which he responds to fan mail, asking him questions about his day to day life.

    Story Arcs

    Evil EVIL Planet Tinko

    In the beginning of this chapter, Uni-Man reveals that his baby is missing, which is why he is so sad. Axe Cop knows where Uni-Baby is, and they go to the Snow Planet to find her. They do so by looking through 2 billion plus kids until they find a baby with a hole in it. They then make plans to go to Planet Tinko to kill the aliens who kidnapped Uni-Baby in the first place. Afterwards, Avocado Soldier gives Uni-Man his horn back, but wishes to be Dinosaur Soldier (and for every weapon) before he does so. Sockarang also acquires a chainsaw and a unicorn horn right before they leave. At Evil EVIL Planet Tinko, the gang (after picking up the Psydrozon suit) confront the evil alien army, which turns into a bunch of small robots that bite people. Uni-Man summons a superhero to help them fight, but he only gets Mr. Stocker, who has no powers and is immediately turned into a small robot when he got bit, along with Leaf Man and the Wrestler. They try to bite Axe Cop but he bites them instead (turning them into good guys), and pretty soon everyone is biting each other and the robot army kills themselves. King Evilfatsozon is not happy about this. They try to kill him with Psydrozon, but they cannot because it was him who threw the robot at Earth in the first place. However, Axe Cop guesses his weakness and impales him with Uni-Man, coincidentally right before the alien king was about to tell him what his weakness was anyways. Then they blew up Evil, EVIL Planet Tinko with a single stick of TNT. It was a happy ending.

    TV Series

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    Recently Axe Cop has his own TV show on Fox. There will be a preview July 21st and the first episode will air July 27th. He is being voiced by Nick Offerman.


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