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This Issue Has Practically Everything

It all begins with chicken-brain robots...

The Good 

The second issue of one of the craziest comics I've read is here. This comic just might have it all. Dinosaurs, robots, vikings, aliens and even baseball players. The story comes from the mind of six year old Malachai Nicolle. There's no telling what will happen next. Often stories follow a common pattern. You can tell where it's going to end. Here, there's no telling what will happen. 

What happens when the good guy machine ends up in the bad guys' possession and they plan on adapting it? It means we get a lot of crazy scenes and battles. The story almost feels it's built upon crazy event after crazy event but there is a story underneath it all. Ethan Nicolle's art fits perfectly with the chaotic pace and humor of the story.

The Bad 

One of the charming things about Axe Cop is the crazy frenetic pacing of the story. It's literally one kooky event after the next. Whether this is pure brilliance or a convenient way to avoid establishing a firm plot remains to be seen. It's even used to avoid actual explanation such as how Sockarang's mom returned from the dead. Does it really matter how she came back? Not really. We get two characters with socks for arms instead of just one. The story and comic are extremely entertaining but I can't help but wonder how long it can stay fresh. I shouldn't doubt the creators but I just worry this brilliance will be hard to maintain.

The Verdict 

Is it a comic of pure literary substance? No, but that's not what people are looking for in comic books. As with the first issue, the story here is completely over the top. There's no telling what where it's going to go. These days, you can almost predict what will happen in most books. That is not the case with Axe Cop. You get an edge-of-your-seat ride of insane and humorous action. At times it feels as if different ideas are simply thrown into a blender and mixed to create the scenes. If that's the case, I say get more blenders. The pure kookiness of the book is what I look forward to. It's a silly but fun and entertaining book that will deliver what it sets out to do. This kind of comic doesn't come along too often.

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