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    A master hacker and member of Pete Stanchek's Renegades.

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    Ax is a friend of Harbinger Kids in the Valiant Universe. He is a computer wizard who became power hungry for new technologies and often found himself fighting heroes such as Bloodshot or X-O Manowar. He uses his gift to gain money and power. Ax aspired to control the X-O Manowar armor. He managed to get his hands on the armor but was unable to gain control of it due to the Manowar armor being sentient and having a control ring.

    When Randy Cartier had the X-O Manowar armor, Ax made another attempt on getting the armor. Randy however, turned out to be a fierce warrior and instead of getting the armor, Ax ended up loosing an eye.


    Ax is a harbringer that has the ability to control and manipulate machines.


    Ax posses a X-O Commando Class Armor that he reverse engineered after acquiring one from the Spider-Aliens.


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