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    A synthetic adaptive android designed by the Mad Thinker to combat super-heroes. Although later defecting and becoming an employee of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg and Holliway.

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    Created by the Mad Thinker utilizing stolen materials from Dr. Reed Richards, Awesome Andy began his life as a weapon to be used against super-humans. Andy was one of the Thinker's first attempts at creating synthetic superhuman servants. Andy is a cross between a robot and more "true" androids as he contains various mechanical parts.

    Andy came into existence a shortly after the Thinker infiltrated the Baxter Building for the first time, a hodgepodge of data based on Richard's notes on DNA. By splicing the molecular DNA of an ape with Richard's own patented "unstable molecules", the end result being a 15 foot partially organic body into which the Thinker inserted a powerful micro-computer brain coupled with a solar charged power source. The Thinker did not, however, give the android a means of vocalization.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Fantastic Four

    Andy's first assignment under the command of the Thinker was to destroy the Fantastic Four. Beaten by the team's experience, the Thinker used Andy against various other super groups including the X-Men and Avengers. Andy remained Thinker's tool until he upgraded him to not only mimic super-humans, but to copy the abilities of any living creature. The Thinker, frustrated by being thwarted by random factors that wrecked his calculations for victory (such as devices from outer space or of mystic origin), ordered Andy to battle Thor and take the abilities of his mystic Uru hammer, Mjolnir. As the Thunder god and Android were locked in combat a remarkable thing happened. Andy was able to take Thor's hammer from him and lift it with ease. This turn of events shocked all those witnessing the fight. The Thinker was convinced that Andy would destroy Thor but Andy paused. Thor noticing this change in the creature spoke kindly to Andy, hypothesizing that Andy had not only possessed the power of the hammer but had mimicked Thor's godly spirit. Informing Andy that he too was now one of the few "worthy" who could wield the hammer.

    Andy, with his new-found sense of worth, helped Thor apprehend the Thinker and sought out the law firm of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg and Holliway. Begging senior partner Holden Holliway for assistance, Holliway defended Andy in the subsequent trial against the android. Unable to pay Holliway for his services, Andy happily agreed to work at the firm. Holliway also put up Andy in the Excelsior apartment suite with fellow GLKH employee, the shape-changer Ditto. Andy served largely in the capacity of gopher and administrative assistant. It was while at the firm he earned the moniker of "Awesome Andy." He performed his duties with good cheer and spirit, quickly becoming an office favorite. In gratitude for his good work he was presented with a "Chest Top Display." The device, which looks like a common hand sized chalkboard contains a wi-fi link directly to Andy's CPU, thus allowing him to instantly express himself on the display screen. While at the firm Andy has developed an interest in a number of activities such as tai chi and baseball. He is a Mets fan in particular and hates having games he's missed ruined for him.


    Andy's happy life was interrupted when fellow GLKH employee She-Hulk's arch enemy Titania began to wreck havoc at the law offices. Andy acted as part of a group of super-heroes that tried to counter Titania's destruction, however in the ensuing melee Andy's head was torn off. Only with Holden Holliway interceding on Andy's behalf did Reed Richard's repair Andy. Also injured in the battle was attorney Mallory Book. Book was paralyzed by the damage done in the battle and required months of therapy to regain her ability to walk. Andy personally supervised her recovery as Book was ashamed of people seeing her weakness. Over time Andy began to develop an intense personal affection towards Mallory, perhaps even love. Andy's plans for revealing his feelings to Mallory were dashed however, when She-Hulk returned from the future with the Two-Gun Kid.

    Book and Two-Gun took to each other immediately. Andy was about to give up all hope in his plans with Mallory until She-Hulk took the space adventurer Starfox as a defendant in a lawsuit. While in close proximity to Starfox, Andy absorbed Starfox's unique ability to stir love and desire in others (whether this was deliberate or not is something Andy is himself uncertain of) and used them on Mallory. Mallory believed herself to be in love with each Andy and for a time the two were blissfully happy with each other. Discouraged by this development, Two-Gun made his intentions clear to leave town. Mallory did not wish him to leave but couldn't clearly express why. It was then that She-Hulk returned from the moon of Titan with Starfox in tow explaining Andy's absorption and Mallory's sudden infatuation with Andy. Mallory, shocked and disgusted promptly ended her relationship with the ashamed Andy. Andy in turn became depressed and despondent and temporarily considered suicide as he looked back on his existence. While in free-fall from jumping off the Empire State Building, Andy opted to mimic the abilities of passing pigeons, deciding to fly off and discover what kind of "person" he truly is. He vowed not to return to the firm until he knew for certain.

    Powers & Abilities

    It is Andy's unique design, comprised of unstable molecular tissue and skin, that allows him to imitate certain properties and abilities of the beings he establishes physical or sensory contact with. Andy can imitate anything from the Thing's rocky skin, the wings of a bird, the properties of Thor's hammer or a cello prodigy's musical abilities just by being in close proximity. In addition to this ability Andy can produce 180 mph winds from his "mouth", form his fists into large granite blocks and by some unknown means expand his size by up to 10%. Andy's weakness is a series of nerve ganglia located under his left armpit, which, when struck, will shut him down.

    In other media

    Ultimate Spider-Man

    Andy playing with Nova.
    Andy playing with Nova.

    The Awesome Android made his television debut in season 1, episode 14, titled "Awesome." He is depicted as an experimental android developed by S.H.I.E.L.D. with a rudimentary artificial intelligence, making him act similar to a human two-year-old. He is able to grow in size by ingesting inorganic matter.


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