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    Canadian Armed Forces Major Collin Richard. Wears a suit of armor that allows him to fly. He became close friends to Iron Man when the two where stranded on an alien planet. He was eventually killed by Korvac while defending Tony Stark.

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    Colin Richards was a major of the Canadian Armed Forces. He was born in the North of Canada, where it was always cold. In his career, Colin wore a suit of armor that allowed him to fly. How Colin got the armor was not explained. As piloting a scientifical suit, Colin was inveted for the science expo in Latveria one year. There he briefly met a fellow armored hero, the American known as Iron man.


    Avro-X was created by Ken Steacy and first appeared in (1989). He appeared only in that issue and it would take more then 25 years before he got a starring role in the new Iron Man series.

    Major Story Arcs


    Years later, Colin was transported by unknown means, to a different planet, where he and others like him where trapped. There, they tried to form a community for shelter and strenght, lead by former villain Stilt Man, whom was one of the first to seemingly mysterlousy being transported to the other world. Colin, with his armor, became somewhat of a hero for the community, fighting off a number of large robots known as Ultimo's.

    Reunion with Iron man


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