Character » Avril appears in 3 issues.

    Avril is a prostitute who falls in love with her long-lost friend, Susan Veraghen, but must contend with the fury of her pimp, Buster the Large.

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    Major Story Arcs


    Avril is a prostitute who works for Buster the Large, leader of Orion's Bastards, the gang that controls her town. She is also a junkie.

    One day she sees her old friend, Susan Veraghen, at a bar. Susan left town years ago, but when they were teens, they had a brief fling before Susan became embarrassed due to peer pressure. At first Susan doesn't recognize her, because she used to be much more demure, but they eventually talk and catch up. Susan is already trying to escape her past, however, and walks out, with Avril following. They run into Sime, one of the local gangsters, and he starts a fight with Susan. Susan is a trained soldier and assassin, however, and beats Sime and his men down. Avril is impressed, and they take off together.

    They bond over their mutual feeling of being lost, and sleep together. They make a pact to leave town together. However, when Susan leaves to get some supplies, Buster shows up. She stands up to him, showing her newfound self-respect, but he beats her almost to death and leaves. When Susan returns, she finds Avril just in time for them to say goodbye, and for Avril to say that she was still glad that she had this time with Susan. After Avril dies, Susan vows revenge. She ends up killing both Buster and Sime.


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