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Avery Ho was created by Joshua Williamson and Carmine Di Giandomenico. She made her first appearance in The Flash #3 - Lightning Strikes Twice Part Three: Speed City.

Current Events

  • Avery is currently a reoccurring character on "New Super-Man" as a part of the Justice League of China. She has to deal with the transitions between being a normal girl and the transforming into a speedster.


Avery Ho as a Speed Force Academy cadet
Avery Ho as a Speed Force Academy cadet

When the Speed Force Storm of Central City hit Avery Ho and a few others were struck by lightning and given powers identical to The Flash. She, like many others, did not transition to this life nicely. She was constantly vibrating. The Flash and Meena taught her how to stop the vibrations and control her powers. Then, she was brought to the Speed Force Academy and was taught by the Flash and a few others.

Character Evolution

In an attempt to make their company more diverse, DC Comics is branching off and getting heroes of different cultures and ethnicities. Avery Ho is a branch-off of The Flash and currently is a superhero in China.



  • Super-Human Speed: She can move at speeds of incredible lengths, similar to the Flash and other speedsters.
  • Super-Human Agility: Along with the speed, she has incredible reaction-time and can easily manoeuvre around an object.
  • Super-Human Stamina: Obviously, if you have Super-Speed you would need the stamina to be able to use it.
  • Speed Force Aura: When a speedster runs they would need some kind of protection from the friction the air would create on their body, this is what that does.
  • Intangibility: She can phase through solid objects by vibrating at Super-Human speeds.
  • Speed Stealing: She can absorb the momentum of objects around her, also slowing them down.


She is able to fluently speak in both Mandarin and English, making her bilingual.


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