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The Hits Keep Coming

I've been reading Spidey tales for quite a while, so after that opening sequence, you kind of have to question whether Spidey's story is on the up and up. I mean, throwing feces at a giant worm in hopes that you'll make it expel its meal of red and blue seems a little unlikely. Be that as it may, it's exactly the kind of story that Spidey would fabricate for his adoring audience. Anything for the fans really.

This issue is jam packed just like the previous masterpiece. Zeb Wells is on point and his words bring to life the amazing art that Joe Mad brings to the table. The story, is action packed and leaves you psychologically in need of the next issue. If this team made 100 issues, I would read all of them and love them. My only complaint would be that the issue felt a little short, but when you are on a journey, there is never enough. Much love for Spidey's newest title and I hope you all give it a chance as well.

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