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Plot Summary

In World War II, Captain America, Bucky, The Human Torch, Toro, and Namor the Sub-Mariner formed the Invaders to fight against the Axis Powers.  Through the machinations of the Red Skull and a Cosmic Cube, they are transported through time to a present where Steve Rogers is dead.  Realizing the Invaders are a danger to the time stream, the Mighty Avenger and the New Avengers unite to send them back to home.  But an encounter with Ultron and the decision of a guilt ridden soldier alter the past, and all three groups of superheroes have to return to the a past where the Nazis have won and the Red Skull awaits to destroy them and claim the future.

Full PlotOld Soldiers New Wars
Battlefield Brooklyn!
Hell On the Helicarrier
Prisoners Of War
Man On Fire
Should Old Aquaintance Be Forgot
Cry D'sypare!
Yesterday's Gambit
Past Tense
Royal Allies
The Last Full Measure

Collected Editions

  • Avengers/Invaders HC
  • Avengers/Invaders TPB
  • Avengers/Invaders Book 1

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