New galaxy war: Shi'Ar vs Skrulls

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This is a storyline I wish marvel would make happen that has yet to take place. Not only that I'd like to see the Inhumans fight the skrulls as well.

If these stories are to take place mavel should bring in artists like Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld, Marc Silvestri, Arthur Adams, While Portacio, etc to do the artwork.

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#2 Posted by krspaceT (1941 posts) - - Show Bio

@scavenger4: Erm, you want HE WHO MUST NOt BE NAMED (Rob Liefield?)

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Lee's art would be great here

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#4 Posted by Hoarderofhilarity (322 posts) - - Show Bio

@scavenger4: LIEFELD!! I'd rather my bladder exploded once a minute than see his art again plus if he did the art no one would have feet and the Shi'Ar would all have thigh pouches!

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