My Reaction the Avengers EMH cancelled

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This video is how i feel about the cancellation of Avengers EMH. I don't understand. Who is in charge of animation at Marvel? Who makes these decisions? To get rid of the Avengers EMH, an excellent show, but yet re-new USM? Remember Wolverine and The X-men, an amazing show, with amazing plots and character development, one of the best season finallies i have seen for a show. They cancelled it. I was just devastated but i got over it, but I won't get over this. I just won't do you know why, because they're cancelling an amazing show and re-newing a terrible show. USM is just appalling. Its annoying, stupid, horrible character development, the plot is like the worst roller coaster at the most health hazardous amusement park in the universe. The team mates are just terrible they have no redeeming qualities and are just annoying. The humor is just terrible,(breaking the 4th wall, what is this Ultimate Deadpool), cheap, and just too forced. Whose ever decided on this should be fired.

End of my rant. Good day.

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@Agent9149:Agreed...and Loeb(guy who did it) should be fired by Marvel and removed from all superhero/comic one word BANISHED.

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I really don't care that much, Other some occasional episodes, the show didn't have me attatched, and it taking forever to come with new episodes, on and off was part of that.

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I am still bitter that Wolverine and the Xmen was cancelled right when we were going to enter the age of apocalypse!

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EMH was the best current superhero show too...

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I really hope they tone down the Family guyesque jokes in the show for season 2. That said at least Marvel has come out to say that the tone of the new Avengers Assemble cartoon will be like the Avengers movie. Still switching out Black Panther for Falcon.

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@Rod_The_Blade_Star: What....i can't stand falcon -_- with is obnoxious superhero outfit that makes my eyes black panther was my favorite on the show....they are just killing me slowly

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