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I'm pretty sure some of you, if not all maybe, know about this short posted on the Marvel website. It's a 3D short, in 3 parts, of IronMan, SpiderMan and HULK fighting Giant Killer Robots. I didn't want to double post the code for the movies, which can be a pain sometimes so here's the link to my blog...


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Wow those videos were pretty awesome, and the graphics had a good feel to it, but a little dull in some parts. It was sweet how the hulk just pwned them to pieces dude!!

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I'm pretty sure there is already a thread for this because I first seen it here on comicvine.

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Vance Astro said:
"I'm pretty sure there is already a thread for this because I first seen it here on comicvine."
Yeah, I found this post from January 10th...

It was probably discussed on the boards.
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Hehe, that's a good as movie

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