Help me under stand the New Avengers

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Hey all, on the Avengers Story Arc ive read

The Avengers Disassembled----Civil War#1-7----New Avengers #1-60----The New Avengers Illuminati #1-5---Siege----Dark Avengers #1-6

my questions are; What happened to the New Avengers? did it just abruptly ended in Powerloss? Which stories will help me learn more about Wanda Max & Magneto? and what older stand alone comics are legendary/will help me understand more of the characters past. EX: i know nothing about Vision and Ultron.

Any info helps! And sorry if this isn't community format, i'm a newbie here!

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and it looks like i found the "key story arcs" page. haha i think that may help me a lot. still open to suggestions. ill take this down if nothing comes up in a day or two.

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The team keeps going after Seige, it just gets renumbered (for no reason other than marvel fear large numbers and feel having about 4 #1s per series will somehow make it easier for newbies to understand) it's currently has 3 arcs and is on an AvX tie in arc. After that there will be one last Bendis arc then he will be done with the series. After it will get relaunched (again -_-) by Johnathan Hickman, the new daddy of the avengers franchise.

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