Dumb Avengers Question - 3 Teams?

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Hey Folks,

As I am just getting back into the Avengers by going back to Disassembled and working to the present, I am a little confused about the need for 3 Avengers titles in the New Marvel NOW! releases...

Can someone explain why there will be three teams, Avengers, New and Uncanny, and how they will differ?

I am just getting through Civil war, so am well behind, but need to decide what i am going to pick up when this new stuff gets released. Is having 3 teams an excuse to sell more comics, or will be interaction between the teams?

Cheers all,


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Avengers = classic Avengers, this will be the big global team of both new and old Avengers

New = Don't really know the purpose of the New Avengers, but usually they're the street level team

Uncanny = members of both Avengers and X-men on the same team, because reasons. ($$$)

Then there's the Secret Avengers, which is the Secret team :p Don't know if this still will be around. Dark Avengers are villains, sort of a spinoff of Thunderbolts, and lastly Avengers Arena that's Battle Royale starring the kids from Avengers Academy + a few more. They're killing of a bunch of newer characters in a supposedly meaningful way.

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@fesak said:

New = Don't really know the purpose of the New Avengers, but usually they're the street level team

There really isn't a purpose for these Avengers other than to continue milking the franchise, but before recently they were one of only two Avengers teams and they split in two because The Mighty Avengers were the pro-registration Avengers (in other words the REAL Avengers) and the New Avengers were the anti-registration Avengers.
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There was never really a point to the New Avengers (except at the aftermath of Civil War like Vance said). There were literally entire issues of it where the team was just eating. It was stupid.

BUT, in Hickman's hands, I'm sure that he'll give them a purpose.

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Like Vance said, 'At one point it was New and Mighty. Anti Registration and Pro Registration.'

I began to read the New Avengers, 1-64 (i think) and i really liked them. After #64 they started back at #1, which can be kind of confusing.

For Graphic Novels they call the original New Avengers #1-64 Volume #1 and the "new" New Avengers #1-xx Volume 2

to better answer your question. Yes, its an excuse to sell more comics. just pick the group you like most and stick with them. you wont be missing out too much.

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Thank you all for your replies, much appreciated.

I am also really enjoying New Avengers everything from Breakout to Civil war so far, and not so fussed about x-men, so will prob pick up Avengers and New Avengers, and decide after a few issues which to stick with.


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