best place to start reading avengers

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hi i'm new to avengers i was wondering wheres a good place to start reading for a new reader other then the marvel now stuff i wanna get a lil history

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It depends what kind of books you feel like reading; if you like classic super hero action I'd recommend picking up Kurt Busiek Avengers books. You can pick them up for about 30 bucks each from a comic story (I got mine on holiday in New York!) and it chock full of everything you could want it terms of good old fashioned super heroics. It can feel a little bit dated though so be wary of that.

Another accessible point is all the Bendis Avengers stuff; the guy gets a lot of flack but I think he's a great writer and did some really great stuff during his 8 year run. He was also pretty much in control of the marvel universe during this time, so it spins off into a lot of great marvel universe stories as well, so you get a lot of that history you're looking for.

Picking up the Bendis stuff can be pretty tricky, but this list ought to help you find your way through the books, with good starting points and what books to get next if you like what you're reading:

Hope you have the budget for these books! And it's good to have a new reader in the fold!

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^ Some good advice right here. I just started reading Busiek's run. It was something I never got around to when it was coming out. After the first couple issues I agree that it does feel a little dated, but I dig the Perez art and I remember Busiek fondly for his work on Astro City. Good stuff.

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@BlurredVisionz: It's been a few years since I went back and read all of the Avengers from the beginning, which I don't recommend doing, but if you can find reprints of the first year or so, that's probably the most classic stuff.

Really, anything before Bendis is crazy dated, so his run's not a bad place to start if you wanna go back almost a decade (I can't believe it's been that long!). He did some cool stuff like House of M and Civil War, and the Illuminati mini series was pretty cool. I also found I liked his run on the second New Avengers book (from 2010) quite a bit, up until all of that AvsX nonsense.

Honestly, though, I think you'd be just fine starting with the new books that just recently started, Avengers(2012), which is great, and New Avengers(2012), which reintroduces the Illuminati as a secret Avengers team.

Uncanny Avengers isn't really as good as those two have been so far, but it's not bad.

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